The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Energy & Taxes

Economic Growth & Fairness

America’s oil and natural gas industry supplies tens of millions of dollars a day to the U.S. Treasury in the form of income taxes, rents, royalties and other fees. That adds up to more than $30 billion a year. With pro-energy development policies it could produce $800 billion in additional cumulative revenue to the government by 2030, according to a study by Wood Mackenzie. Conversely, increasing taxes on America’s oil and natural gas companies could result in more than $220 billion in lost revenue to government. Sound tax policy would encourage domestic energy development and allow U.S. energy companies to compete against global rivals.

  • Working for All Americans

    Given the reliance of the U.S. economy on energy, tax policy targeting one type of energy, especially increasing their overall tax burden, over another puts the government into the marketplace and creates negative impacts and other unintended effects

  • $400 Billion Tax Increase

    There is a choice when it comes to the policies that will help shape America’s energy future. For the industry, our nation’s economy, and the American people, the choice seems clear

  • Oil and Natural Gas Tax Myths

    It’s a well-circulated myth that America’s oil and natural gas industry receives federal subsidies

  • Earnings Per Dollar of Sales

    Earnings or profits reflect the size of an industry, but they’re not necessarily a good barometer of financial performance

  • Paying Our Fair Share

    Oil and natural gas companies pay their fair share of taxes and then some

  • Comparisons with Other Business Sectors

    The industry has an effective tax rate above the federal statutory rate of 35 percent

  • Economic Impacts

    Raising taxes would actually lose the government $29 billion by 2020

  • Individual Impacts

    If you have a mutual fund account, and 52 million U.S. households do, there’s a good chance it invests in oil and natural gas stocks

  • What Americans Are Thinking on Energy Tax Increases

    A November 2015 survey conducted for API by Harris Poll among U.S. registered voters