The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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SOAE Interviews1

DAVE NAGEL, Executive Vice President, BP America

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ALEX EPSTEIN, President, Center for Industrial Progress

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RICHARD SAWAYA, Devon Energy and PAULA JACKSON, Interim President & CEO, American Assn of Blacks in Energy

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DAN FAGER, Federal Government Relations Manager, Chevron

SOAE13 Jack Gerard Address Highlights

State of American Energy 2013 address highlights

Investing in the Promise of America

As we work to re-energize our economy, one industry is investing confidently in America’s future: oil & natural gas.

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Investing in America's Future. As we rebuild our economy, one industry is investing in America's future: oil and natural gas.

SOAE13 Interviews1

State of American Energy 2013 Richard Sawaya and Paula Jackson interviews

Lady In Black Downstream

What's it take to make America run. Lots of hardworking Americans creating the fuels for nearly 250 million vehicles.

2013 State of American Energy Event On January 8th, 2013 at the Washington DC Mellon Auditorium, the American Petroleum Institute President/CEO Jack Gerard emphasized to the crowd how significant investments currently being made to American energy were providing solutions to the nation's pressing economic issues. Mr. Gerard discussed how the vast domestic resources of oil and natural gas presents a game-changing opportunity that could make the United States the global lead in energy. For more information, visit