The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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Energy is helping getting our economy moving, but some politicians in Washington want to raise taxes on the oil and gas industry putting jobs and our recovery in jeopardy.

The Keystone XL Pipeline -- Safely Providing Energy From Canada

The Keystone XL Pipeline is ready to be built after four years of federal review! Bringing energy from Canada to power our country safely and responsibly. The Keystone XL Pipeline will create more American jobs.

Liquid petroleum pipelines carry crude oil and refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, etc.) across state and even country borders (interstate & international) as well as within states (intrastate). Pipelines are widely acknowledged to be the safest and most efficient way to move energy products overland for long distances; crude oil and natural gas from production areas to processing plants and refineries, and consumer-ready products to markets. All pipeline safety is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

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Energy To Keep America Moving

It takes a whole lot of energy to keep America moving, growing and thriving...

It all starts with oil and natural gas. And at the center of America's oil and natural gas industry are the hundreds of thousands of hard-working men and women who work to safely refine, transport and market petroleum products.

Can't Afford That Tax

Billions of new oil and natural gas taxes? Washington isn't closing loopholes it's raising taxes. Say no to Washington's new energy taxes.

Hydraulic Fracturing Animation

Hydraulic fracturing is a process that has been used for more than 60 years for the extraction of oil and natural gas from underground shale formations. The technology continues to improve accessing abundant energy sources, while limiting environmental impact.

Pipelines, Investing in Safety

In 2011, the U.S. oil & natural gas industry spent more than $1 billion* to ensure the integrity of pipelines transporting oil, gasoline, diesel, home heating oil and other refined petroleum products. That’s a billion dollars to ensure energy gets to homes and businesses across America. Safely.

Life without fossil fuels "It's Cold Outside" ad

Life without fossil fuels "It's Cold Outside"

TV: Energy to Heat 160 Million Homes for 60 Years This TV commercial reminds us that the US has enough oil and natural gas resources to power more than 60 million cars and heat 160 million households for 60 years. For more information, visit http

Investing in Quality Jobs

The oil & natural gas industry supports 9.2 million American jobs*. Expanded access to energy resources in North America, could create 1.4 million more jobs by 2030**. It all adds up to a better future for families and communities across America.

Investing in Communities

Last year, unconventional oil & natural gas development – including energy from shale – generated$62 billion* in additional federal, state and local revenue to fund important public priorities. In communitiesfrom Pennsylvania to Ohio to North Dakota, that’s making a big difference.