The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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Pipelines, Investing in Safety

In 2011, the U.S. oil & natural gas industry spent more than $1 billion* to ensure the integrity of pipelines transporting oil, gasoline, diesel, home heating oil and other refined petroleum products. That’s a billion dollars to ensure energy gets to homes and businesses across America. Safely.

Life without fossil fuels "It's Cold Outside" ad

Life without fossil fuels "It's Cold Outside"

TV: Energy to Heat 160 Million Homes for 60 Years This TV commercial reminds us that the US has enough oil and natural gas resources to power more than 60 million cars and heat 160 million households for 60 years. For more information, visit http

Investing in Quality Jobs

The oil & natural gas industry supports 9.2 million American jobs*. Expanded access to energy resources in North America, could create 1.4 million more jobs by 2030**. It all adds up to a better future for families and communities across America.

Investing in Communities

Last year, unconventional oil & natural gas development – including energy from shale – generated$62 billion* in additional federal, state and local revenue to fund important public priorities. In communitiesfrom Pennsylvania to Ohio to North Dakota, that’s making a big difference.

SOAE Interviews1

DAVE NAGEL, Executive Vice President, BP America

SOAE Interviews4

ALEX EPSTEIN, President, Center for Industrial Progress

SOAE Interviews2

RICHARD SAWAYA, Devon Energy and PAULA JACKSON, Interim President & CEO, American Assn of Blacks in Energy

SOAE Interviews3

DAN FAGER, Federal Government Relations Manager, Chevron

SOAE13 Jack Gerard Address Highlights

State of American Energy 2013 address highlights