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Life Without Fossil Fuels (print ad)

Life Without Fossil Fuels

Keystone XL Protest.

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Today America is the world’s number-one natural gas producer, but that’s just the beginning. America is projected to be the world’s number-one oil producer by 2015.

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America’s oil & natural gas industry supports $1.2 trillion of GDP* – that’s 8% of the total U.S. economy.

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With smart policies that increase access to North American oil & natural gas resources, experts predict we can create 1.4 million new American jobs.

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National Journal Hosts Biofuels Mandate Panel

View the panel hosted by National Journal as they convene members of Congress and experts to explore whether the biofuels mandate should be revised, eliminated, or remain as is.

Know the Facts on Keystone XL?

Keystone XL factsThree facts you might not know about the Keystone XL pipeline.